Leigh's International Pickup Basketball Tour

20 Cities Countries Pickup Games

Leigh Ellis Plane

Hi, I'm Leigh.

I’m embarking on a journey to combine my two passions: basketball and travel. With a goal of visiting 20 cities across 20 counties to play 20 games of pickup basketball. Along the way, I’ll be exploring new cities, indulging in local cuisine, and hopefully making new friends. If you spot me in your city, join me on the court for a game and let’s shoot some hoops together!

Leigh Ellis on a bench taking a break from ball
Leigh Ellis Plane

Oh, the places I've been

It’s my plan to visit 20 incredible cities across 20 different countries, all while playing pickup basketball along the way. It’s been an amazing experience, not just for the love of the game, but also for immersing myself in the rich cultures that shape basketball around the world. I can’t wait to explore more destinations, meet new players, and continue to embrace the beautiful fusion of basketball and diverse cultures on my journey.

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Leigh Ellis Plane

Jump into the Conversation!!

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Join me on this incredible basketball journey by staying updated through my website and social media channels. You’ll get an inside look into the cities I visit, the pickup games I play, and the vibrant cultures I encounter along the way. Together, we can celebrate the universal language of basketball and inspire others to explore the world, one game at a time. Don’t miss out on the excitement, connect with me today!